Turn Your SuiteDash Into An Efficiency Machine

The Only Course You’ll Need For
Your SuiteDash 1040 Tax Prep +
Accounting Workflows

The Only Course You’ll Need For 1040 Tax Prep + Accounting Workflows

Tailored To Your Firm’s Needs

Here’s how the 1040 Tax Prep + Accounting Workflows can unlock speed in your Accounting or Bookkeeping firm. 

Step By Step Client Workflows 

Create service specific workflows to guide your clients smoothly through their required tasks.

Use progress bars and dynamic portal pages to keep clients on track and engaged.

Client Status Dashboards

Use internal dashboards to track what step every client is, for all of your services.

Navigate easily to their user profile to provide support and move them along the workflow. Don’t leave any clients behind.

Multi Service Structure

Leverage the unique circle, dashboard and portal page architecture to easily guide clients to the service steps that need their attention.

Upsell your clients to more services with a dynamic dashboard.

Branded Landing Pages

Use Landing Pages for all of the services you offer to get clients onboarded as fast as possible. 

No need to build additional website pages, but leverage SuiteDash new landing pages and create a seamless client experience.

WorkFlow Step Organizer

Download the Workflow Step Organizer template


Use The Newest SuiteDash Features

The course dives into how to harness the latest features and functions in your client portal.

Landing Pages for Onboarding

Utilize landing pages to quickly depoly kick off forms with your brand.


Upload + Download Blocks

Make uploading and downloading docs easy and efficient. 


Form Submissions in the CRM

Find Form Submissions in the user CRM record quickly.

Live Chat

Improve how you communicate with clients and your internal team.

Automation Drips

Automate tasks directly from your Drip Email Sequences to assist clients faster.

Choice Blocks

Increase the automation logic in your Update Forms for better personalization.

Customer Love

I have tried several times to set up my Suitedash Suite to utter frustration and have invested more money than I would like to admit. Mark’s guidance and 1040 program are by far the best template of client onboarding, project management and client portal rolled up in one. It is the most organized and efficient template for practice management that I have seen built for Suitedash! I highly recommend this Suitedash program and Mark as he is always available for further guidance in his community.

Kimberliann Chambers

CEO & Founder, Dollars & Cents Tax and Accounting Services

Earlier this year, we used Mark’s version 1 of 1040, to set up the SuiteDash, since then our work-timed is almost 40% less. We also hired him to do some custom work for our firm and he did the best job while providing all the details, including workflow details in word document. I would highly recommend Mark Stovel of FirmNexus as I personally believe he is the best at setting up the SuiteDash.

Shahab Syed

CPA Penthers.com

The SuiteDash 1040 Workflow course has been a game charger. Setting up the dashboards in SuiteDash has significantly streamlined the tax preparation process for my firm and clients. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the overall client experience. The guidance in the course on creating dashboards tailored to tax preparation, was straightforward, even for someone as busy as me.  Thank you for sharing this gem, and I look forward to implementing more of your expert advice in the future.

Shameka Batte

Tax Strategist - Prominent Tax & Business Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much SuiteDash experience is needed to use the step by step video series?

Answer: You will need a basic working knowledge of SuiteDash. The course do not go over the set of custom URLs, white labelling, or other branding functions.

Question: Do I need any powerups for this to work in my SuiteDash?

Answer: Yes, you will need the Plus Bundle Power-Up for Email cannons. There is a less efficient workaround if you don’t want to use the Cannons. You will need Prime Bundle Power-Up for PDF Doc signing. There is no native workaround for PDF signing in SuiteDash.  

Question: How long do I have access to the video series?

Answer: You will have access to the course for up to one year.

Question: Are refunds available?

Answer: Given the nature of the content, refunds are not available for the course. Partial refunds for the Build Sessions and One-on-One sessions are available within 7 days of the purchase date.