Free Guides For Accountants and Partners

It can be a struggle to make effective changes in your firm.  It is not your fault. The time required to research and find a framework to start can be overwhelming. These guides are short cuts to taking real action in your firm.

The Essential Tech Guide for Firms

Adopting a strong tech strategy starts with thinking differently about technology. This guide breaks down my approach and how it helped me land a 1.5X gross revenue valuation when I sold my firm.

Create Bullet Proof Monthly Pricing Tiers

Recurring monthly revenue is the cornerstone for stable and predictable firm grow. Crafting pricing tiers that are focused on value and not volume will help increase margins and build a scalable firm.

Leave Timesheets + Hourly Costs Behind

Many firms have moved to a fixed pricing model but struggle with an hourly cost structure requiring time sheets. This guide shows how a fixed cost structure creates predictability for you and empowerment for your team.

Content Cascade – Creating an Online Presence

Delivering value consistently through blogs, social posts or online interactions is hard. It takes time. The content cascade allows you to quickly create niche, highly valuable content to build a predictable client pipeline.   

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