TFYW#029 The Secret Weapon To Marketing Your Firm

Mar 31, 2023

We are going to get really tactical in this newsletter… about newsletters.

I have seen many accounting firm blogs start off strong, and once a critical mass of clients has been hit, the blogging stops.

Raise your hand if you are guilty of that.

I had a small blog while running my firm, but I played it safe with basic compliance content that applied to EVERYONE.

I wanted to cast a large net.

In addition to writing about generally available information, I didn’t invest in SEO to make the content findable online.

My blog had some traffic, but there were no calls to action on my site. People stopped by, had their questions answered and moved on.

My blog was useless.

It provided no return for my efforts.

I underestimated SEO and good content.

SEO takes time to provide results. However, with generative AI, user searches will retrieve data without directing people to websites or sources. Static compliance content will be the first victim of AI searches.

If you want to leverage long-form content, start a newsletter instead.

Newsletters are a better way to invest time to establish expertise and be top of mind with prospects when they are ready to make a move.

Finally, if you want a blog, post your newsletter on your site.


Get Started

Start writing right away.

You will suck at first but start anyway. You need to put the reps in.

If you hate writing, prepare frameworks or rough drafts and good examples to pass off to a copywriter. Financial copywriters are usually general in their content, so provide adequate direction where possible. There are great writers on Fiverr and Upwork.

I recommend a month between newsletters at maximum. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly are all great schedules.

Use industry-specific words (for your niche) and not accounting jargon.

I try to strike a balance between tactical steps, and mindset jolts for my newsletters. My best-performing newsletters are the technical ones that have actionable advice.

However, without a mindset shift, people will rarely take action.

While we think that a good tool will be our ticket to success, a different mindset will effect more change than anything else.

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be found but will be sent to people that have opted in to hear from you. Your newsletter is the top qualifying level of your funnel.

If you don’t remember anything else from this week’s newsletter, remember this:


Newsletters deliver value that is ungoogleable right to your target’s front door. There is no other format that can do that.

This is a blog from Small Batch Standard, an accounting firm that works exclusively with Craft Breweries. They are an excellent example of an expert firm.

This newsletter discusses margins for breweries and how distributors play into those margins. You won’t find this detailed content on google. Relevant details with industry numbers are hard to find. Period.

Newsletter Platforms

There are various tools to create and send a newsletter.

In my opinion, the reigning queen is still WordPress. WordPress currently powers most of the internet, and if you can handle the learning curve (or get your website dev to do it), there are a lot of opportunities.

Other great options are:

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Substack
  3. Convert Kit
  4. AWeber
  5. Active Campaign

These platforms have web forms to act as newsletter sign-up entry points.  Here is my web form:

he web forms feed the user data into lists that you can segment and retarget with relevant emails and content later.

The above-listed platforms do not convert your newsletter into a blog or content for your website. They are stand-alone CRMs and email marketing tools.

WordPress and other website builders can display newsletters to create a blog.

This email was sent with Active Campaign, and all my newsletters are posted on my WordPress website.


Getting People On Your List

To make your list valuable, you need people on it.

To get people on it, you need to give them value so they’ll turn over their emails address to you.

The ways I get people on my list include:

1. Offer a lead magnet or value tool – See Firm Tools.

2. Create interest by leveraging posts on your own social media.

3. Direct people to the entry points for the newsletter on my social platforms.

People are not likely to book a call with you the first time they encounter your website or content.

A simple and frictionless newsletter sign-up can take advantage of that initial connection.

On my website landing page, I have two entry points in to my newsletter, and there are other entry points on all of my blog posts and other webpages.


Leveraging Your Newsletter

What I like about repurposing my newsletter as a blog is that I can reuse it again and again.


Client Resources

Your newsletters can be resources to direct clients to quickly. Well prepared answers and content will save you time while delivering value.

After writing the same explanation about home office deductions to a few clients, I prepared a blurb that I could direct anyone to. It was easy to drop a URL in an email to respond to clients’ questions.


Value For Prospects

You can use a newsletter to provide value to potential clients as a quick introduction.

The person I was speaking with on LinkedIn asked about two very specific things. I sent recent newsletters in my response and provided very relevant value.

Did I answer her question, potentially preventing her from using my services? Maybe.

Did I establish myself as an expert for future consideration? Yep!

I know that people looking for quick answers do not make good clients. Clients that are looking to improve their business accounting, tax, and growth know that actual solutions are not quick answers.


Newsletter Example

Start your newsletter this weekend!

Build The Firm You Want.


P.S. Email with something that you want me to talk about. I’ll add it to the list. 

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